almanews video portal is the vibrant part of Alma (India) that works in International Certification in Computer Education along with Computer Literacy project across the globe inspiring youth generation in general and rural and tribal youth in particulars.

almanews is one of video portals that informs, educates, entertains people and students through short and vibrant video clippings. The sole motive behind this venture is just to inform and inspire youth in getting true sense of universal fraternity and global peace by promoting the cause of social, educational, art & culture and heritage through social services.

almanews is powered by Alma (India) and with the vision to educate and inform youth across the world about meaning of life and right opportunities to serve. The mission is as simple as inspire youth through education and entertainment clippings along with galvanize their inborn potential.

almanews, thus works for the youth, by the youth and for the youth.

Alma is providing an international ambience through international certification in computer education and IT education through Alma UK International certification.

It’s also being priority of Alma to enthuse its students with technical skills and advertised through various level of job oriented certification courses. Alma offer not even for Indian students but including students of Africa, Europe and Australia continent as well.

There’s no denying that unemployment place vital role in shaping future of human civilization and fluctuates societies in the different walks of life. Alma took a dynamic initiative in offering computer education certification in minimum affordable fees so that an average student could avail of such job
oriented courses prior to this ,Alma made easy ways for international certifications from Mauritius  through International Informatics Mauritius Limited(IIML)and International Certification Australia Limited(ICAL).It’s a effort to minimize extra bucks from the purse of students and parents and they
get foreign certification at their own native location across the country. I would like to appreciate enthusiasm of those who came forward to get international certification courses from IIML and ICAL. Technology recharges with every new concept or with an innovative idea. So the need of perfection
would always be there with revitalizing your own skills through knowledge and practical courses .Keep recharging with international certification courses.